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We not only provide predictive analytics software products that are cost-effective, easy to use and capable of analyzing data of high complexity and quantity, but also add value to our software products with domain-specific consulting services.

Our consulting team comes with in-depth experience with a wide range of industry-specific applications and solutions, including credit risk scoring, marketing campaign optimization, forecasting, fraud detection and predictive process management.

  • Risk Analytics
    • Developing scorecard models to determine which applicants are most probable to default, which customers are most probable to collect.
    • Developing methodology and tool to monitor model accuracy and determine cut-off score.
  • Customer Analytics
    • Analyzing customer to understand group of customer which have similar respond to marketing program, their value and future potential to have better understanding of Customer Life-time Value (profitability along period of engagement), list of customers who tend to defect, which customers are most probable to buy certain product category, product item or brand (cross/up-sell).
    • Developing an effective strategy based on growth potency and limitations, such as cross-selling.
    • Conduct Operational CRM such as: mobile apps for retention and promote sales.

Credit Risk



Purple Analytics provides following Solution for Credit Risk Management:

  • Default Parameter and/ or early warning indicator to monitor credit quality
  • Model of Application Scoring to predict applicant's risk which improve time-to-yes, efficiency and credit quality
  • Cut-off Application Score to optimize credit quality and sales
  • Model of Behavior Scoring to calibrate Application Score Model, manage collection, and predict which customer to top-up or close monitor which optimize customer share
  • Model of Collection Score to predict probability to collect of the defaulted customer
  • Model of Profitability to predict
  • Monitoring Tool in form of reports and dashboard, start using Microsoft Excel to more sophisticated BI tools to navigate credit acquisition process
  • Customized Risk Modeling, such as Operational Risk and Stress-Test*
  • Web-based Scoring System to enable scoring the loan application whenever and wherever as long as log-in to the internet
  • Training
    Our Models in Credit Risk Management are complying to Basel-II and III Accords, and ready to be deployed on Clients IT environment.

    *) in cooperation with Regional Office/ Partners




Purple Analytics provides following Solution for Customer Relationship and Loyalty Management:

  • Actionable Segmentation and Profiling based on transaction and/or descriptive data to group customer based on their value and response to marketing programs
  • Positioning and CRM Theme, to integrate all CRM activities into a singular, valuable and personal experience of customers
  • CRM Architecture, start from dB, CRM Analytics, and Operational CRM
  • CRM Analytics to generate insight:
    • What products which are generally bought together (Basket Analysis)
    • What products which will be bought considering customer profile (Propensity-to-buy Analysis, Cross/Up-sell Analysis)
    • Which customers will stay or churn in near future (Churn Analysis)
  • CRM / Loyalty programs* to generate more interaction or transaction, such as:
    • Sales Force Automation System, to contact, initiate and follow-up activities involving frontlines and customers
    • Point system, including point strategy, calculation engine, accumulation & redemption infrastructure
  • Strategic partnership* to develop retention, and cross loyalty
  • Branding and A&P* to increase awareness, interest and affection
  • Social Media Marketing to tap feeling of stakeholders for better marketing strategy
  • Monitoring Tool in form of reports and dashboard, start using Microsoft Excel to more sophisticated BI tools to navigate credit acquisition process
  • Training

    *) in cooperation with Regional Office/ Partners




We have a passion for training and development and we love helping our customers to become better at what it is they do. 

  • We have real experience across industry in using the software to solve business problem.
  • We are able to deliver on-line training and/ or assessment for your staff.
  • Our facilitators are well selected from reputable universities.