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Purple Analytics is an IBM Business Partner in selling IBM SPSS software. In addition to selling the software, we ensure Clients to have expertise to operate the software or even to maximize the investment through statistical/ data mining and business training to solve business problems.

Moreover we "sell" project implementation, aim to get insight or agreed Client's target achievement such as increased revenue or profit. Our project implementation cover following generally needed business analysis:

  • Risk Analytics
    • Developing scorecard models to determine which applicants are most probable to default, which customers are most probable to collect.
    • Developing methodology and tool to monitor model accuracy and determine cut-off score.
  • Customer Analytics
    • Analyzing customer to understand group of customer which have similar respond to marketing program, their value and future potential to have better understanding of Customer Life-time Value (profitability along period of engagement), list of customers who tend to defect, which customers are most probable to buy certain product category, product item or brand (cross/up-sell).
    • Developing an effective strategy based on growth potency and limitations, such as cross-selling.
    • Conduct Operational CRM such as: mobile apps for retention and promote sales.

Other analysis or solution such as Entity Matching (Data Management), Capacity Planning (Operation), Cost Allocation (Accounting) or HR Analytics (Human Resources) will be available on Custom Solution.

To make abstract information easy to understand and to make complex data easy to memorize, we provide Infographic Service, as you can see throughout this website.





In data analytics, IBM is the name people trust for quality, integration, and leadership. IBM SPSS offers following Modules in the entire analytical process:

  • SPSS Statistics: Solve research problems easily and efficiently
    IBM SPSS Statistics is a statistical tool for research activities, and integrates well to entire analytical process above.
  • SPSS Modeler: Make better decisions through predictive intelligence
    IBM SPSS Modeler is a data mining workbench that helps you build predictive models quickly and intuitively, without programming.

Gartner Magic Quadrant namely "Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms" (previously "Business Intelligence Platforms"), emphasizing the growing importance of analysis capabilities to the information systems that organizations are now building. Gartner defines the business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform market as a software platform that delivers 15 capabilities across three categories: integration, information delivery and analysis, including:


1. BI infrastructure

2. Metadata management

3. Development tools: the platform should provide a set of programmatic and visual tools, coupled with a software developer's kit for creating analytic applications, integrating them into a business process, and/or embedding them in another application

4. Collaboration: Enables users to share and discuss information and analytic content, and/or to manage hierarchies and metrics via discussion threads, chat and annotations

Information Delivery

5. Reporting

6. Dashboards

7. Ad hoc query

8. Microsoft Office integration

9. Search-based BI

10. Mobile BI


11. Online analytical processing (OLAP)

12. Interactive visualization

13. Predictive modeling and data mining

14. Scorecards: metrics displayed in a dashboard is applied to a strategy map (BSC)

15. Prescriptive modeling, simulation and optimization

From the Gartner Magic Quadrant "Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms", IBM is the vendor with the most complete vision in BI and Analytics, supported with huge resources.


Credit Risk



Purple Analytics provides following Solution for Credit Risk Management:

  • Default Parameter and/ or early warning indicator to monitor credit quality
  • Model of Application Scoring to predict applicant's risk which improve time-to-yes, efficiency and credit quality
  • Cut-off Application Score to optimize credit quality and sales
  • Model of Behavior Scoring to calibrate Application Score Model, manage collection, and predict which customer to top-up or close monitor which optimize customer share
  • Model of Collection Score to predict probability to collect of the defaulted customer
  • Model of Profitability to predict
  • Monitoring Tool in form of reports and dashboard, start using Microsoft Excel to more sophisticated BI tools to navigate credit acquisition process
  • Customized Risk Modeling, such as Operational Risk and Stress-Test*
  • Web-based Scoring System to enable scoring the loan application whenever and wherever as long as log-in to the internet
  • Training
    Our Models in Credit Risk Management are complying to Basel-II and III Accords, and ready to be deployed on Clients IT environment.

    *) in cooperation with Regional Office/ Partners




Purple Analytics provides following Solution for Customer Relationship and Loyalty Management:

  • Actionable Segmentation and Profiling based on transaction and/or descriptive data to group customer based on their value and response to marketing programs
  • Positioning and CRM Theme, to integrate all CRM activities into a singular, valuable and personal experience of customers
  • CRM Architecture, start from dB, CRM Analytics, and Operational CRM
  • CRM Analytics to generate insight:
    • What products which are generally bought together (Basket Analysis)
    • What products which will be bought considering customer profile (Propensity-to-buy Analysis, Cross/Up-sell Analysis)
    • Which customers will stay or churn in near future (Churn Analysis)
  • CRM / Loyalty programs* to generate more interaction or transaction, such as:
    • Sales Force Automation System, to contact, initiate and follow-up activities involving frontlines and customers
    • Point system, including point strategy, calculation engine, accumulation & redemption infrastructure
  • Strategic partnership* to develop retention, and cross loyalty
  • Branding and A&P* to increase awareness, interest and affection
  • Social Media Marketing to tap feeling of stakeholders for better marketing strategy
  • Monitoring Tool in form of reports and dashboard, start using Microsoft Excel to more sophisticated BI tools to navigate credit acquisition process
  • Training

    *) in cooperation with Regional Office/ Partners




Nowadays many vendors offer training, so below are our propositions:

  • We have real experience across industry in using the software to solve business problem.
  • We are a partner of the IBM Company who develops the software.
  • We are able to deliver on-line training and/ or assessment for your staff.
  • Our Facilitators are well selected from reputable universities.