IBM® SPSS Statistics is statistical analysis software that delivers the core capabilities you need to take the analytical process from start to finish.

It is easy to use and includes a broad range of procedures and techniques to help you increase revenueoutperform competitorsconduct research and make better decisions.

IBM® SPSS Statistics has a comprehensive range of statistical procedures for accurate analysis: 

  • Built-in techniques to prepare data for analysis quickly and easily.
  • Sophisticated reporting functionality for highly effective chart creation.
  • Powerful visualization capabilities that clearly show the significance of your findings.
  • Support for all types of data including very large data sets.  




IBM® SPSS Amos (Analysis of Moment Structures) enables you to specify, estimate, assess and present models to show hypothesized relationships among variables. The software lets you build models more accurately than with standard multivariate statistics techniques. Users can choose either the graphical user interface or non-graphical, programmatic interface. IBM® SPSS Amos allows you to build attitudinal and behavioral models that reflect complex relationships. The software:

  • Provides structural equation modeling (SEM)—that is easy to use and lets you easily compare, confirm and refine models.
  • Uses Bayesian analysis—to improve estimates of model parameters.
  • Offers various data imputation methods—to create different data sets.




In a business environment, the main objective of analytics is to improve a business outcome. These outcomes can include:

  • Increasing revenue by reducing customer attrition
  • Increasing cross sell rates with a call center
  • Decreasing costs by identifying fraudulent claims before payment
  • Servicing a component in a production line to minimize downtime
  • When you apply analytics to improve a decision, the result is likely to be a better outcome.

Data mining is the process of uncovering patterns in data with analytical techniques. Descriptive analysis, predictive modeling, text analytics, geospatial analytics, entity analytics, decision management and optimization are used to identify patterns and deploy predictive models into operational systems. Systems and people can use these patterns and models to derive insights that enable them to consistently make the right decision at the point of impact. Outcomes are maximized based on the predictive intelligence hidden in data of growing size and complexity.

IBM® SPSS Modeler is a powerful predictive analytics platform that is designed to bring predictive intelligence to decisions made by individuals, groups, systems and your enterprise. SPSS Modeler scales from desktop deployments to integration with operational systems to provide you with a range of advanced algorithms and techniques.

Applying these techniques to decisions can result in rapid ROI and can enable organizations to proactively and repeatedly reduce costs while increasing productivity.

Analytical techniques are continuing to evolve, providing analysts with a plethora of options for tackling the problems in front of them. Additionally, as technology develops and new types of data become available (such as location-based data from mobile phones or cell towers), different questions and challenges arise about the best ways to exploit this data.
Innovative techniques are therefore necessary.

With IBM® SPSS Modeler, your analysts can solve their business problems with a single platform that is designed to handle simple descriptive analysis, the most complex optimization problems — and everything in between. SPSS Modelerfeatures capabilities that go beyond the standard analytic requirements of today’s analysts. A range of models, automated modeling and data preparation, text analytics, entity analytic and social network analysis help you address the most sophisticated problems.