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the total economic impact™ of IBM SPSS modeler

Forrester, a market research company providing advice on existing and potential impact of technology, conducted a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential ROI enterprises may realize by deploying IBM SPSS Modeler.

First 2 key findings of TEI is summarized below:

  • 54% of total benefits are from incremental business impact due to SPSS Modeler over three years. Interviewees use SPSS Modeler to identify patterns in data and create predictive models that allow them to work with business teams to create impactful changes. These include improvements to conversion rates, pricing, fraud detection, inventory forecasts, and decisions on capital investments.

  • Data scientists are 40% more productive, helping organizations avoid hires needed to keep pace with demand. SPSS Modeler makes the entire data science life cycle more efficient, allowing technical and citizen data scientists to spend more time adding value by building more models, training models, and improving existing models. Teams support more demand for projects without adding headcount.