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Purple Analytics provides product training and consulting services for predictive application development and implementation. 

We help and guide Clients’ analytics team to build their predictive analytics capabilities to maximize their investment and solve business problems.

Our consulting team comes with in-depth experience with a wide range of industry-specific applications and solutions, including credit risk scoring, marketing campaign optimization, forecasting, fraud detection and predictive process management.

Our services include product training, workshops and consulting on predictive analytics:

  • IBM SPSS Statistics
  • IBM SPSS Modeler
  • Revolution R Enterprise
  • Zementis
  • Statistics Solution (PS Imago Pro)
  • Predictive Modeling Solution (PS Imago Clementine)

Moreover we "sell" project implementation, aim to get insight or agreed Client's target achievement such as increased revenue or profit. Our project implementation cover following generally needed business analysis:

  • Risk Analytics
    • Developing scorecard models to determine which applicants are most probable to default, which customers are most probable to collect.
    • Developing methodology and tool to monitor model accuracy and determine cut-off score.
  • Customer Analytics
    • Analyzing customer to understand group of customer which have similar respond to marketing program, their value and future potential to have better understanding of Customer Life-time Value (profitability along period of engagement), list of customers who tend to defect, which customers are most probable to buy certain product category, product item or brand (cross/up-sell).
    • Developing an effective strategy based on growth potency and limitations, such as cross-selling.
    • Conduct Operational CRM such as: mobile apps for retention and promote sales.

Other analysis or solution such as Entity Matching (Data Management), Capacity Planning (Operation), Cost Allocation (Accounting) or HR Analytics (Human Resources) will be available on Custom Solution.

To make abstract information easy to understand and to make complex data easy to memorize, we provide Infographic Service, as you can see throughout this website.




We provide training options that include the following courses: bla bla bla