Purple Analytics


making sense of data

We’re here to help you translate your data into actionable insights that will benefit your business.

Customer & Marketing Analytics

  • Customer Analytics
    Customer segmentation, classification and profiling to get a good insight (360 degrees view) on the customer.
  • Marketing Analytics and Scoring
    To profile the target population, to provide the right marketing campaigns, product bundling etc. according to the target’s characteristics, needs and wants. Scoring for the propensity to buy.
  • Profitability Analysis
    To analyze which characteristics of the client and products or services will result in optimal profitability for the business.
  • Churn Analysis and Scoring
    The objective of this solutions is to predict which of our customers are likely to churn. By knowing their characteristics we can design the appropriate campaigns to specific targeted customers to prevent them from churning before it  happens. Scoring for the propensity to churn.

Statistical & Analytics Services

  • Experimental Designs
    To optimize experiments hence to gain the best product or experimental methodology.
  • Statistical Process Control
    To monitor the production process, assure that it is in control and hence assure a stable and optimal quality.
  • Public Service/Government Analysis
    Mainly for monitoring and evaluation, for reporting the result of an implemented project.
  • Customized Surveys and Research
    On Clients’ requests.


  • Wealth Management
    To maximize the customers’ portfolios by analyzing their segment behaviour and migration on funding and liabilities

Risk Management

  • A-B-C Scoring
    To minimize the risk and maximize the profit, especially for credit businesses. Create score cards by using the  debtors’’ Application, payment  Behaviour and Collection data to reduce the selection risk and optimize the payment collection process.


  • Forecasting
    Use Time Series Predictive Analytics methods to forecast trends for stock, inventory, sales, outcome of campaigns etc. by considering several predictors and foregoing events. Optimize Supply and Demand strategies.